How to Check Subway Gift Card Balance? (Easiest Ways!)

How to Check your Subway Gift Card Balance

Subway Gift Cards, the easiest way to purchase foodstuff from Subway, available in only the US and Canada, enable you to buy goods at contributing Subway restaurants across the US and Canada. If you’re from there, you must’ve known that, don’t you? These cards are in vogue for people in love with the delicious and customized subs that Subway offers.

You can be the owner of a Gift Card from Subway stores, by ordering online, or through merchants. You landed here, meaning you must own one and you wanna know how to check your Subway gift card balance, right? Yeah, you should know that cuz it’s crucial. This way you can order a favourite meal without any payment hassle.

Today, I’ll walk you through the process to check Subway Gift Card balance in a variety of ways, making sure you’re on the right track.

Subway Gift Card Balance Checking Techniques

I’m gonna provide various techniques for you so that you can check the balance of your Subway Gift Card easily. You can follow any method that suits you. Let’s kick things off!

Check Balance Online:

Subway Gift Card Balance Check Online

One of the quick and simple methods to check Subway Gift Card Balance is to check online. So, if you’re interested in checking your balance online, follow the following steps:

  • First, pay a visit to Subway’s official website or log in to your Subway MyWay account.
  • Look for something like “Balance inquiry” or Check your Balance”.
  • Put your Gift Card number and PIN in the particular fields, (Required)
  • After that, tap on “Check your Balance” to know your Card balance.
  • YAY! Now it’ll display your balance and other necessary info.

Check Balance Using Mobile App:

Check Subway Gift Card balance through Subway' mobile app

Subway has developed a Mobile App for its users where users can order foodstuff online. Not only that, they can also check their Subway Gift Card balance. Here’s how you can:

  • First of all, install Subway’s Mobile app from your device’s app provider.
  • Once it’s done, open it and begin signing into your account.
  • Once you’ve logged in, proceed to the “Gift Cards” area.
  • Enter the information that is required like Gift Card number and PIN in the particular fields.
  • Now tap the “Check” button and your Subway Gift Card Balance will be displayed. Easy peasy, right?

Check Balance by Calling Customer Support:

Check Balance by Calling Customer Support

If you’re facing any issues while checking your Subway Gift Card Balance by using the method I’ve given above then you can go with this one. How? Here we go!

  • The customer support phone number may vary by location, so check your country’s official Subway website and note the number.
  • Call the number that you noted on the official website.
  • When someone picks up your call, tell him/her that you called them to check your Gift Card Balance.
  • Then, they’ll ask you to provide the Gift Card’s number and PIN.
  • Provide them with these details or any other required info they ask for.
  • In a short period, they’ll respond to you with your Gift Card Balance. And it’s done!

Check Balance from Subway Store:

Check Subway Gift Card Balance from Subway Store

If you’re not interested in all the methods that I’ve given above then you can visit the physical store of Subway near you. In this manner, you can interact directly with the support personnel in person. Follow the following steps:

  • Locate a Subway establishment nearby and ensure it is open during its working hours.
  • After getting into the store, ask the staff that you came here to check your Gift Card balance.
  • Then give your Subway Gift Card and they’ll be checking it.
  • If a self-service kiosk is available in that store then you can check yourself too.
  • Once checked, the staff will return your card and inform you about the available amount in your Gift Card.

Perks of Owning a Subway Gift Card

If you own a Subway gift card for just ordering online from Subway like Subway sandwich of the day or other foodstuff, then you’re missing a lot. Here are some uses and benefits of using a Subway gift card.

As a Gift:

Got a special occasion coming up? Give the gift of Subway! You can give Subway gift cards to say thanks, show appreciation to employees, or just because! A Subway gift card lets your loved ones enjoy delicious meals whenever they want.

Earn Rewards:

You can sign up for your Subway gift card to get Subway MyWay rewards, which come with cool deals and savings. You get the best of both worlds – savour your favourite Subway treats and rack up rewards for more indulgences later.

Online Purchase:

Subway made the online purchases easy! You can use Subway gift cards for both in-store and online purchases at participating Subway restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, as well as other online venues. So, let the deliciousness come to you.

Buy Digital Goods:

You can use Subway gift cards to purchase digital items online through Openbucks. You can purchase e-books or apps from participating online retailers with ease. You just need to load your gift card onto your favourite digital platform and start browsing.

As a Credit Card:

Subway gift cards provide a convenient option instead of using cash or credit cards for payment. You just gotta load it up, swipe it at checkout, and then, you’ll be indulged without overspending.

Control Spending:

You may be sick of your overspending habit. If so, Subway got you covered! Subway gift cards can be used to control spending, which can help avoid bank overdrafts. This way you can stick to your financial goals while enjoying delicious meals whenever you please.

Easy to Use:

Gift cards offer simplicity and convenience, removing the necessity for recipients to visit banks to deposit cash or concern themselves with carrying physical currency. Using your Subway gift card is a breeze, right?

Don’t Expire:

Subway gift cards never expire, and there are no fees or penalties for dormancy. You can enjoy your meals today, next month, or even next year. It’s the gift that continues to provide, guarantees that you’ll forever enjoy tasty dishes at your fingertips.

Manage Your Subway Gift Card Balance in the Right Way

Effective balance management is crucial for savouring your meals without any hiccups. Check out the tips I’ve written below to keep track of your balance and make every swipe count. And here we go!

Keep an Eye on Balance:

Make sure to stay on top of your gift card balance, or you might end up wondering where all your funds disappeared to?! It might go unnoticed, especially if you don’t check regularly. To prevent any frustrating surprises, make it a habit to check your balance at least once a week, if not daily.

Securing Your Gift Card:

Ensuring the safety of your Subway gift card is essential for its smooth use. Keep it in a secure spot, like your wallet, and never share its details with anyone, especially online or over the phone. Treat it just like you would cash. If it ever gets lost or stolen, report it right away to Subway customer service to safeguard its balance, got it?

Reload Your Card:

Keep your gift card balance topped up to ensure you’re always ready for your next Subway adventure. If it starts running low, remember to reload it at any Subway restaurant hassle-free, without any extra bucks.

Setting Balance Alerts:

Setting balance alerts for your Subway gift card is a smart way to stay informed about your spending. By enabling notifications through the Subway app or website, you’ll receive timely updates when your balance reaches a certain threshold.

Know Your Card Details:

Subway offers two types of gift cards, one with its expiration date and one with special terms of use. If you own the one with its expiration period, keep the date in mind so that you can reload it before it expires.

How to secure the Finest Subway Gift Card Deals?

Now, you know how to check Subway gift card balance, its benefits, its uses, and more stuff. So, here comes the interesting part. I know you guys use Subway gift cards but if you don’t know how to get the best Subway gift card deals, then stick around till the end and let me know in the comments if you get to know something new.

So, You need to follow a couple of steps to find out the best Subway gift card deals. You know, every restaurant begins providing special promotions on holidays and other festive occasions. To avail of discounts during these times, you must sign in to your account via the Subway mobile application. Whenever the delicious deal drops, you’ll be notified. Once you receive the notification then you gotta snag a redeemable gift card. Redeem your card and enjoy the deal!

You can pocket some savings with each purchase by using the discounted Subway gift card. Now you might be thinking of where to get this discounted Subway gift card. Wasn’t you thinking? So, you can head on to Gift Card Granny or other online stores like Amazon or eBay and snag one from there. Trust me, you’ll find some sweet deals waiting for you there!

Here comes the easy peasy way to stay in the loop about the hottest gift card deals. Subway maintains its official presence across various social media platforms such as X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. They dish out all the juicy deals on almost every social media platform, so why not give them a follow? Get ready to be in the know whenever those mouthwatering deals drop!

Wrapping Things Up

In conclusion, managing your Subway gift card balance is essential for hassle-free dining experiences and maximizing the perks of owning a Subway gift card. By sticking to the tips for checking your balance, grasping the benefits, and making savvy use of your card, you can enjoy delicious Subway meals while saving money and earning rewards. And hey, don’t forget to stay updated on the best Subway gift card deals to make the most of your dining experiences. Hopefully, any lingering questions about managing your Subway gift card balance are now a thing of the past.


If you lose or someone takes your Subway gift card, don’t delay! Report it immediately to Subway customer service to protect its balance. This way you effectively recover your Subway gift card.

Yeah Sure! Subway gift cards can be used for both in-store and online purchases at participating Subway restaurants in the U.S. and Canada.

Absolutely not! Your Subway gift cards are forever fresh, just like their delicious sandwiches. They never expire, and there are no sneaky fees or penalties for not using them. You can enjoy your meals at Subway today, next month, or even next year.

By logging into your account on the Subway mobile app, stay tuned to their social media feeds, or browse through online platforms like Gift Card Granny, Amazon, or eBay for discounted gift card offers.


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