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Subway Sub of the Day UK
DaySub of the daySix InchFootlong
MondayCheese & Onion£3.49£7.99
TuesdayMango Chicken Tikka£3.59£5.99
WednesdayMeat Feast£5.64£8.98
ThursdayNacho Chicken Salsa£5.59£8.29
FridayFlery Tuna£2.99£6.80
SaturdayPepperoni Pizza£3.99£5.99
SundayAll Day Breakfast Mega Melt£2.70£4.80

What is the Sub of the Day UK?

Subway, a restaurant founded on August 28, 1965, by Roark Capital Group. Subway is a rapid-service eatery renowned for its mouthwatering wraps, drinks, sandwiches, and salads.The “UK Sub of the Day” is a unique promotion offered by Subway spots in the UK. It’s known for its submarine sandwiches, also known as “subs,” “hoagies,” or “heroes” in different regions. The “Subway Sub of the Day UK” is a promotion from the Subway UK Restaurant.

It typically features a specific sub sandwich at a pocket-friendly price on a particular day of the week. I mean different days, different subs. The specific sub and the day it is offered can vary by location and region. Subway UK is the favorite of Millions and people love to grab the Subway Sub of the Day UK. And I know, you’re in love with it too. Aren’t you? Come on, admit it, and drop your two words in the comments when you’re done.

This is the Sub that people crave and they remain craving until they eat it. Subway’s Subs in United Kingdom rank high on the world’s most-loved subs, it’s a flavor sensation that once experienced, becomes impossible to resist 🤤. Subway UK gained a lot of popularity and a daily dose of diverse and irresistible flavors that keep fans coming back for more!

This promotion by Subway UK lets people enjoy the mouthwatering subs without burning a hole in their pockets. As there are different sandwiches for every day, it entertains the diners. Whether it’s the Meatball Melt or the Pork Riblet, check with your local Subway to discover the delightful Subway Sub of the Day UK promotions and enjoy a variety of delicious options throughout the week. 🌯

Subway UK Sub of the Day Calories

Sub of the daySix InchFootlong
Cheese & Onion370 cal740 cal
Mango Chicken Tikka360 cal720 cal
Meat Feast417 cal834 cal
Nacho Chicken Salsa269 cal539 cal
Flery Tuna480 cal960 cal
Pepperoni Pizza420 cal780 cal
All Day Breakfast Mega Melt590 cal1180 cal

Sub of the Day UK Price

You know Subway UK subs are a part of the world’s tastiest foods, and let me touch on the topic of pricing. Now, the cost can fluctuate depending on your location and whether you opt for a six-inch or a footlong sub. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a handy table at the beginning of this page. It breaks down the price for each sub in the United Kingdom, so you can easily spot the cost right next to your favorite sub’s name.

Subs Taste & Ingredients

You might be thinking, “Oh, it’s affordable, so it can’t be that tasty. But hold up! At Subway UK, affordability doesn’t mean compromising on flavor. It’s the unbelievably delicious taste that keeps Subway UK fans hooked! Remember, never judge a bite by its price. Subway for United Kingdom provides a taste that is worth every penny!

Sub of the Day Subway UK Nutritional Information

You know, how Subway UK has established a standing across the world? Well, it’s all about providing a healthy alternative to your typical fast food. That’s the sauce behind its stellar reputation! All the stuff at Subway UK, be it subs, sandwiches, salads, burgers, or whatever your heart desires, is whipped up within your view, customized to your liking. 😋

At Subway UK, It’s akin to having your own food orchestra! The amazing staff follows your lead while constructing your masterpiece. I mean they assemble the ingredients you choose from a diverse range of meats, vegetables, freshly baked breads, and tasty condiments and sauces.

Subway United Kingdom hands you a menu for your selection of products that can easily be incorporated into your diet while striving to achieve a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. Pretty awesome, huh? It’s like having a passport to a flavor town where every choice is a step towards a tastier.

Options for Customizing & Personalizing

At Subway UK, there are various types of Subs. But definitely, not everyone is head over heels for every Sub. This was a major issue and to get it solved, the savvy staff accepted the challenge and decided to provide customization options to their customers. So that they can fulfill everyone’s choices and let them enjoy their favorite flavors. This way you can order a custom Sub according to your specific preferences by removing the ingredients you don’t like or adding what makes you crave. It’s your Sub, your rules! 🌯

Health-Related Options

You know, Subway United Kingdom is a huge brand. Do you believe they are indifferent to the well-being of their customers? Not at all! Folks can opt for a Sub while following their dietary objectives and taking into consideration their health. Subway UK offers choices to meet your calorie-conscious or plant-based preferences. Subway UK has a couple of Subs with low-cal goodness that won’t make you sacrifice flavor.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, UK Subway sub of the day is a delectable journey through a variety of flavors, making every day a delicious adventure. With pocket-friendly prices, nutritional transparency, and customization options, Subway UK stands out as a go-to destination for those craving both taste and value. From the mouthwatering Meatball Melt to the savory Pork Riblet, Subway UK caters to diverse tastes, ensuring satisfaction for millions of fans. So why the resistance? Indulge in the UK Subway sub of the day and savor the taste sensation!


Yeah, the Subway United Kingdom Sub of the Day is a daily exclusive deal highlighting a particular sub sandwich at a reduced price throughout the week.

Sure! Subway UK offers customization options, allowing you to tailor your sub to your specific preferences.

Prices can vary based on location, and the cost depends on whether you choose a six-inch or footlong sub. However, a table is given above presenting the price of every sub.

Subway stores are available in 2,167 locations across the UK for you to buy a sub, Every, Single, Day!

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